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[ TGB ] Silver-Air Seraphiel by AngelShadowRena [ TGB ] Silver-Air Seraphiel by AngelShadowRena

Basic Information:

True name: Seraphiel ( Sear-aff-eel )
Nick name(s): Seraph, Sera (By Ryner)
Kitten name: Curse, later changed to Ghost

Gender: Male
Age: 6 season cycles (years)

Birth season: Summer (Going by Southern Hemisphere)
Birth date: 15th of December
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


• A silver ball earring located above the top tear in his left ear. | Given to him by Sooka
• A silver bracelet which features engraved ivy going right around it. ( Close up view: ) | Given to him by Ryner
• A necklace with an owl feather and a seraphinite gem hanging from it; now sits looped many times around his bracelet. | Given to him by Larka (Blessed by Zarya)
• A black gauge earring located in his right ear. Has two feathers stick in the back, one from a woodpecker, the other from an owl. | Given to him by Sooka
A twisted black cord made of some kind of malleable metal fibers.  It ties in the back, both ends of the cord capped with gold alloy.  A plate of the same gold alloy is attached to the front.  A carving of Air Tribe's old tattoo is etched into the plate. This sits loosely around his back left leg. | Given to him by Oberon

• Two in his left ear, the one at the top is longer than the bottom. | Given to him by an NPC tom
• Two scars on his muzzle. One long one which goes from his top lip to the bottom, the other is barely visible beside the long one on the bottom 'lip'/jaw. | Given to him by Coral accidentally in a mock fight.
• He has gained four claw marks on his left front leg, these spiral around his leg on an angle. The bottom and top ones stop around the sides, not going right around his leg. The top middle mark does go right around and the bottom one has a slight gap at the back of his leg. | Given to him by a random caiman, during the great battle.
• He has now gained three marks down his right back leg, on his hock. Two coming down from the top while one sits just below the joint. | Given to him by a Golden Butterfly during his time as a captive.
• He has many unseen scars beneath his long fluffy coat.

Special Features

• Bright orange eyes
• Unusual silver stripes

Breed(s): Chausie x Siberian

Colouration: • Largely black that runs from the top of his tail, not quite reaching the tip which is white instead. The black moves over his back going down his haunches over his abdomen to his shoulder, never touching either sides of his legs except when it gets to the front of his shoulder. This goes up over his neck covering the back of his head, it then comes together as a stripe which ends up going down the middle of his face in between his eyes stopping at his nose. The black from the back of his head also goes up the trim of both ears, leaving a silver 'dot' on the back of his ears like that of a tiger. He also has black socks going from roughly the middle of his legs down to his toes, which are white. At the back of his back legs, he has a silver strip which is just visible to the sides of his leg, ending before the black stops halfway up. On his face he has black cheeks, not touching either of his eyes but leaving a largeish gap and somewhat arching up from his nose, this is only interrupted by a silver stripe on each cheek which curls up to sit under his eye, the stripes do not go past the black. There is also a stripe of black which runs from the sides of his eyes down ever so slightly side ways to the end of his face which wraps into the back of his head. He has white that goes from underneath his tail, from the tip, to run under his body along his belly to his chest, up his chin and ending by going around his muzzle. The rest is silver, which starts by covering the rest of his face that isn't touched by black, the stripes on his back start at the back of his neck in a 'triangular' like mark. The first stripe goes from this down his shoulder to stop halfway down at a slight pointed angle, the silver covers over his spine and the stripes reach off each other instead of being tied off on their own. The next stripe points off to his rump with black trimming the edges which reaches over to his other side to do the same on that stripe. There is a gap between the next stripe which is rounded, this stripe is curvy reaching above his stomach and ending halfway down a little further than most ending up pointing down. Instead of branching to another stripe, the silver keeps going leaving a large space with no stripe until it reaches the next stripe which is sort of triangular with a large piece of black in the middle. Where there is no stripe leading from the main part of silver, there is a little stripe which is independent, not reaching further enough to touch either parts of silver above or below it. His last stripe runs right down the back of his leg stopping just short in the black, the silver stops going over his rump. Below the black and above the white of his belly and on his tail there is silver, this goes down each leg until reaching the black socks, on his tail it goes nearly to the tip but is cut off by the white which comes underneath. Topping it all, he has a dark reddish grey nose, this colour is also in each of his ears. He has stunning orange eyes, they are quite a bright hue of orange if not slightly rusty for a 'copper' colour.

Body type: • He is quite a large cat, thanks to his breeding. His legs are rather long, but instead of having a leggy look he gains a lean, slightly large build with a deep chest and extremely fluffy tail. Though he is a little lean it's a little hard to tell just how much thanks to his thick, triple layered fur, this is thicker in Winter than in Summer giving him a different look depending on the season. But since he is a medium haired cat, he isn't overly fluffy with fur reaching out everywhere. He has quite large, rounded paws. Thanks to his long legs and rather sturdy body he is very tall and large, not so much stocky as other cats but not off proportions by his long legs to his body ratio. On the left ear he has two distinct rips in his ear, the first from the bottom is smaller than the one above which cuts from deep within his ear, these are obviously made from cat claws.

Tribe Information

Lives: 8/9
• Died with the Elder Air Spirit

Tattoo: Silver-Air
Ability: Primary & Secondary
Skill Count:
• Primary skills: 13/13
• Secondary skills: 13/13
• Soulbond skills: 14/14

Current: • Leader
Former: • Warrior | Deputy

Current Tribe: Air Tribe
Former ranks: Black-Air | Green-Air | Yellow-Air
Soulbond: Linken
Former: • None

Current: None

Primary skills:

• Currents

You have the trademark skills of the primary powers, the awareness of currents held in the breeze are no longer invisible to you. You're able to produce slight electrical sparks, nothing that could do harm but enough to start the process of manipulation.

• Breeze
With the awareness of what is carried on the breeze, you're able to direct air currents around yourself. Even if there is no breeze, you can summon a slight force of wind but nothing too substantial; you definitely won't be moving a tree or boulder anywhere.

• Electrical Force Fields
Combining your knowledge of air currents and electrical charge, you're able to create a force field of sorts against objects using their own charge against them. This ranges the more experienced you become forcing back only small objects to being able to hold back larger and increased objects as you progress.

• Further Your Knowledge
You may have the skill to summon a small amount of lightning to your aid, or play around with the breeze but now you're beginning to understand the working behind this. Understanding charges from both natural and unnatural causes. This will serve well for your future powers and control.

• Charge Me
With your extended knowledge, you're now able to change the conductivity of inanimate objects or manipulate their heat. You can change that boulder to be scorching hot, or freezing cold. If that doesn't do, you can make non-metal objects more conductive to electrical charge. You cannot do both on the same object however and it does not work on living organisms.

• Flow In The Breeze
You're now able to summon much larger air currents and control them much better than when you first began. You also have a better understanding of air and the natural wind. That boulder shouldn't be any problem for you now!

• I'm Absolutely Stunning
With your understanding of currents and an anatomical level, you're able to send currents into others which will stun or paralyse them. You aren't able to generate enough to kill or cause permanent damage yet, but burns could definitely result from unruly cats. As you progress you'll be able to be more refined with the length and power of your paralysis; being able to target a limb for example.

• Magnetic Attraction
By using electrical currents you’re able to bring objects closer to you, or push them away. With practice you can even make them lighter than they usually are, for a limited amount of time.

• This Is Too Breezy
You’re a pro at summoning your own breezes now! Though at this point they aren’t even breezes, but a force to be reckoned with. You can now summon large gusts of winds that are capable of knocking over trees. But be careful, even with all your control gusts of winds aren’t easy to tame.

• Overcharged
Congrats you’re now a master at using electricity! And with great power comes great responsibility of course. Using your masterful electricity you now have the power necessary to be able to kill another cat. But be warned, this should only ever be used as a last resort. If you’re found using this skill otherwise, you’ll be greatly punished.

• Disassemble
Being able to mess around with an objects mass and conductivity is all fun, but now you're able to pick apart an object by disassembling it anatomically. This is highly dangerous and energy consuming. You could potentially take apart another cat. But it doesn't get easy as you train and will leave you vulnerable as you must concentrate hard to pick apart the object. Not guaranteed to work either.

• Rolling Thunder
Why just make it rain when you can make thunder? You can now summon lighting storms out of thin air. Depending on how small the storm is and how powerful the cat these can be controlled fairly easily. But anything that’s too big and powerful can suddenly gain a mind of its own.

• Levitation
As a master of both air manipulation and electrical manipulation there’s barely anything left that you can’t do. Levitating is now a part of that list. Using air and electric currents you are now able to hover above ground for varying times and at varying heights. Be careful though, this takes a lot of energy so don’t go flying too close to the sun or you might end up falling.

Secondary skills:

• Accelerator
With small air forces, you push yourself to sprint faster. You're definitely faster than any normal cat now. Only works in small bursts however.

• Bunnyhop
Call forth air forces to boost your jumping height. This can be used for offense too when used right.

• Windfield
By manipulating air vectors, you're able to create a temporary current of air around yourself, this will cause loose objects to be thrown if they are close. You will not be able to walk or move while using this technique, it will also vary in strength and size depending upon the user.

• Awareness
You can create air forces that will help you notice things in your environment, even the slightest movement or change in the air can be caught.

• Weather Forecast
You've strengthened your awareness to sense the air pressure in the atmosphere, allowing you to predict the weather; such as clouds or rain.

• Rain Dance
Using your powers and understanding of air pressure, you can effect the weather to summon rain or storm clouds. You can also make the clouds go away, but it's very draining the more you change. This can have unforeseen consequences if used too often.

• Current Swap
You can now use air forces to redirect air currents, which can be used in leading enemies away from your trail and catching scents on the breeze that would go unnoticed by anyone else.

• Under Pressure
Using your powers of air pressure, you can slow down your targets or self using air resistance. You can also manipulate the air pressure around objects, enabling you to move them small to medium distances.

• I'm Supersonic
By using compressed air pressure for supersonic bursts, you're able to move super fast, no one can top your speed! It even seems like your paws aren't even touching the ground at maximum speed. This requires a lot of energy and can only be kept up for a limited amount of time.

• Crushing
By changing the air around objects, you're able to either increase or decrease the pressure. You can crush small objects or if used on an enemy, take away their breath. Takes up a lot of energy and cannot be used for too long.

• Asphyxiation
Using your knowledge of pressure and air you're able to combine these into pushing out all of the air in an opponents body, drawing out all of their oxygen and essentially asphyxiating them. Those who use this should beware, it can easily lead to death even if that wasn't the intention.

• Windwalking
Using air and electric forces, you will be able to hover above the ground for a bit, being able to run freely without caring for the grounds attributes.

• Wings
Using a lot of your energy, you can call upon your Spirit and summon wings to allow you flight. Will last depending on your skill and energy.

Soulbond skills:

• Immunity
As they now share a bond, the secondary user is immune to the primary users lightning. The primary user is also immune to the secondary users fields.

• Let's Fly
Using the primaries power over air currents and levitation with the secondaries wings and levitation they are able to share these skills for flight; able to go for prolonged periods of times. This depends on both cats skill level for limitations. (For example if the secondary user doesn't have wings, they cannot use it.)

• We Are One
You and your soulbond share a profound telepathic connection. Thoughts, emotions, and even things like pain can be and are shared between the two of you.

• Trapped
With the combined skills of wind field and force field, the two cats use their powers to trap an opponent (or several depending on the skill level of both cats), in an enclosed force field they will not be able to escape from. Whatever has been trapped inside with them will be thrown about by the wind current inside the force field. It will only be at the soulbonds liberty that the prisoner will be able to escape. Limitations apply depending on the skills of both cats.

• Trade?
Both users are able to swap their abilities temporarily. This only counts for the primary users electricity and the secondary users speed. Both cats will lose their powers temporarily for their soulbonds power. (The primary user won't be able to use lightning, the secondary won't be able to use speed). Limitations exist, depending on both cats current skill levels for both powers.

• Static Touch
The primary user covers the secondary user in electricity, creating both a defense and an offense for the secondary user. Anything that touches, or is touched, by the secondary user gets electrocuted.

• Sonic Blast
The secondary user lends the primary user their “sonic boom” ability for a single instance. Any object that the primary user touches is instantly blasted away. This only lasts for a few seconds though.

• Missile Launch
Using the primary user's Magnetic Attraction, objects in the immediate area are drawn towards either one of them or the pair of them, depending on what they're trying to accomplish.  The objects are then able to be shot out at various directions using the secondary user's Supersonic.  This created dangerous projectiles that can be thrown with large amounts of force.  The number and force of the objects will depend on the skill level of both cats.

• Breathless
By putting together a shared mastery of air control the primary and secondary users are able to asphyxiate multiple cats at a single time. However this only happens if both cats are near each other and the amount of cats affected depends on the users skill levels.

• Air Strike
Using the Secondary user's Awareness and Primary user's rolling thunder, the pair is able to detect and pinpoint location of an enemy or prey, and strike with a bolt of lightning from a distance! Depending on how far the target is, this can take a lot of concentration and energy. It isn't recommending to use from too far, but rather as an close ambush technique.

• Complete the Circuit
Using the primary user's Overcharged and the secondary user's Rain Dance, the pair is able to create a field of electricity across the ground and through the air! The secondary user's knowledge of air pressure allows them to create a circuit between the pair of them with the primary user's Overcharged. Anything caught in between will be electrocuted or temporarily paralysed. The severity of this move depend on both cats skill level.

• Hurricane
By combining the primary user’s lightning storm skill the secondary user’s rain storm skill the soul bound pair is now able to make a hurricane. The strength of the hurricane depends on the power level of the two cats. Be warned though, once unleashed it cannot be called back and it will run its course on its own.

• Disintegration
While the secondary user holds down a target using their crushing skill, the primary user is able to effectively use their disassembling skill. Targets are easier to crush due to the added pressure from the secondary user. This should not be used on another cat unless it is a last resort move due to it having a high fatality chance. This attack can also only be used if the primary knows disassemble and the secondary knows crushing.

• My Life Is Yours
Either soulbond may give up their life in order to resurrect their fellow soulbond if one should die.

Signature move
Lightning Claws
Skills used: • Overcharged
• This Is Too Breezy
• Magnetic Attraction

Using overcharged Seraphiel concentrates lightning around his paws, casting bolts out that wrap themselves around his claws when they're extended from his paws. The lightning which envelops the claws are almost like blades, making his claws a couple of inches longer and stronger. By using overcharged and this is too breezy together these extensions on his claws he'll manipulate the lightnings flow to wrap them around small objects to “throw” them at opponents by using a large force of wind. Most damage comes from the 'blade' like structure rather than the actual object he uses.

The lightning objects cannot be thrown a great distance, being used mostly for close combat between strikes. Once the object is thrown, he cannot really change the trajectory either. Obviously this takes a lot of his energy and power, using multiple skills and having to focus on concentrating the lightning to form in specific formations. If used for long periods it can also start to burn at his paws, especially if his concentration slips. This is mostly formatted for quick brawls, since it takes a lot out of him, especially as he's still developing it. Because it takes a lot out of him he needs rests after battle, which is why it's heavily sided for doing damage.


[ Quiet ] | [ Watchful ] | [ Lonely ] | [ Wise ] | [ Grudging ] | [ Playful ] | [ Odd ] | [ Relaxed ] | [ Dedicated ] | [ Open-minded ] | [ Withdrawn ] | [ Serious ]

[ Quiet ]

Seraphiel is rather quiet, preferring to sit and watch things unfold rather than getting himself involved. However he's quite interested when he's actually involved with things, he'll become quite talkative. After his time as a young kitten being left out of little circles of friends and never really gaining any he grew to rely on himself for entertainment and friendship. He also finds others presence rather awkward, as he never really had the experience with others to grow socially. Being quiet also spares him from attention, which he doesn't find likeable. The tom also become more encased in his own world when his mother refused to pay him any attention or acknowledge his very existence. This was because his father died before his birthing and all his mother could see in him was her dead mate. Although this haunted Seraph for a long time, he soon took it as the fickle nature of female cats, and cats in general.
Unfortunately this hasn't dominated a large portion of his changing after Tribe life, still being naturally quiet by himself than wanting to join others. But he is less likely to leave or avoid the presence of others now, especially cats he's gained an acquaintance with. Having developed some friendships as well, he's more likely to approach them than he use to be. This is also attributed to the fact these cats are around the area, having wandered from place to place most of his life he never saw the same cat twice. Now, he's learning with the fact these cats aren't just strangers to come across once.
Since becoming the Yellow-Air and going through hardships with the Tribes as more than just someone lending themselves to a cause, he's grown a lot friendlier. Where he would once avoid talking, now he will actively go out of his way to start up a conversation. Although he is still quite awkward when it comes to actually talking but he doesn't mind too much. Though he is prone to talking more, he is still very quiet, sitting by himself and taking in the dynamics of the goings on of others. Those whom he's become friends with can expect a lot of chatter out of the tom. He has grown to love many and enjoys catching up with them whenever he can. He is also trying to get better at speaking, being deputy and knowing his Tribe mates.

[ Watchful ]

Watching the comings and goings of other cats, he'll usually make himself alone rather than being with others. He's very guarded about what exactly he will reveal in talking with others, preferring to keep his feelings and thoughts to himself. Always eager to learn, he'll see how others interact with each other in an attempt to know what to say when others talk with him, it also gives him a good judge of character. Something he prides himself on, is knowing a little about others when they don't know much about him. This comes from his kitten hood as well, when he got over his mothers rejection and instead focused on watching and understanding others natures and emotions, in hope of understanding.
This hasn't changed, if anything it's only developed. Now that he's surrounded by cats who are nothing but strangers to him, he's more willing to stand back and watch who they are and figure them out than say anything of himself or leave them to the unknown. It's also very pushed on his Tribe members, who're suppose to be “like family” or close to it, something he hasn't known in his life along with having never meet or spoken to a lot of them before. This is also what pushes him to stay standoffish at being close to them, especially at night when he's unguarded.
Now instead of being wary as he watches others it's more out of love and concern. He watches out for others safety, trying to see through them if they have problems which he could help with.
Not too much has changed in the way he'll sit and watch what is going on, trying to work out what is going on and if others are fine in their daily activities. Although now he does actively watch around his Tribe for any sign of problems should they need to be taken care of, if someone has concerns or something is threatening Air Tribe. He also wants to make sure he's always around should a Tribe mate need him, integrating himself further into his Tribe. Though he does tend to watch more than push his way into anything.

[ Lonely ]

Thanks to his natural standoffish attitude towards others, he makes himself very lonely. Unwilling to admit it to himself, he will often keen for company, yet when he has some he feels like he should just split and be alone. Unable to really judge that his loneliness is just that, a want to be around others since it's the way he's felt all his life being left out of things, he finds it all rather odd. And although he does spend a lot of time around others being in a Tribe, he'd rather be alone as it's all he's really use to.
This has only changed ever so slightly in his life. Having put others down in a category he'd call friends, he's gained but at the same time lost. Knowing what it's like to hold someone in high regard only causes further pain on his heart when he parts ways and drags at him when he's alone. Wanting to be with friends but needing to be alone causes him major strain. It also enhances how alone he really is, furthering his loneliness.
With the loss of Sooka this trait has only doubled in size. Knowing what love is like and having it taken from him has increased his desperate loneliness. Although with time he has developed the ability to hide this well, not wanting it to become a great part of his personality.
With his deepening responsibilities he doesn't have much time to find himself lonely. Having become a stable part of his Tribe, he's often surrounded by cats he cares about. But he does have times where he feels isolated despite being around his Tribe mates. His deep loneliness is something he'll never fully cure, but with the love of his companions and friends he's finding it easier to deal with since they are there for him and actively show that they care to know him. He's also now found something he's never really had before, a family. No longer does he desire to be by himself, finding comfort in company. Yet there are times he craves a night alone, sitting in a tree watching birds hunt and roost.

[ Wise ]

Still young yet, he's not as wise as an old owl but he loves learning everything he can from anyone he can get it from. A quirk from his kitten days, he never got over his unusual thirst for knowledge and helping others with any information, granted it's pure fact, that will help them. Since he spends a lot of time listening and learning rather than being apart of things, he absorbs quite a bit of information. As long as whatever information he gives out doesn't hold any tribute to his own thoughts, he'll be more than happy to help others out.
With age has come more wisdom, he has gotten experience in fields he hadn't previously known well, other cats. This part of him has grown considerably, as he gladly helps out any cat who would like some knowledge or training. Now he gives out more than just cold hard facts but opinions, though he doesn't give away too much in his answers still holding onto that vague way of his.
With getting older, he's only growing more and more wise about the ways of the world. Going through different experiences and finally opening up to the ways of others he has definitely grown a lot wiser. He won't claim to know everything but he's always up for giving advice or straight out facts about things he's learned throughout his time. He still quite enjoys passing on his knowledge to others, although now it isn't about hiding his true feelings behind his factual words. It's more of a sport he's found for himself.

[ Grudging ]

Seraphiel is difficult to rise to anger, having a level-head he tries to calm situations. However once you have him angry, you basically have an enemy for life. Unforgiving, he'll hold onto a grudge for a very long time, unless something drastic happens to change his mind. Still being young, once angry he isn't afraid to let his claws out. Although he held a grudge against his mother for a long time, he eventually forgave her as after learning about cats emotions, he figured that she was just protecting herself from the pain of becoming attached to him after his fathers passing.
This hasn't lessened over time. He will still hold a grudge against those who have wronged him yet it is very hard to get onto this side of the tom. Though his grudge may not be too strong, he will most likely still hold it. He could get along with the cat fine afterwards and still he could hold onto bad feelings. He is less likely to rise to the occasion with his claws but he will in no way hold back his claws if the situation calls for it.

[ Playful ]

Young at heart still, although often times being a loner, he'll practically jump at the chance to play as a kitten. Never really going through a lot of the things other kittens did, with their parents and siblings, he craved the attention. It also allows him to blow off steam or simply just stretch his legs while actually being happy. It's very difficult to get him to show off this side however.
Growing older and with the loss of Sooka this side of him has dwindled. Very rarely would he display his playful side. A glimpse may be seen at a very rare time, for a limited time with those he loves, but generally this trait is almost gone.
With the passing of time and with the love of his friends and family he has become less jaded. Although he doesn't usually show off this side to most, it's still something reserve for special cats, he's become more playful. When the time calls for it, he's happy to goof off and let go of his serious time if only for awhile. He's especially playful around kittens, being a big obstacle for them to climb all over without a worry.

[ Odd ]

Seraphiel has a few odd habits, one includes his love for birds. Not catching them, but watching them. He would be happy to just sit watching birds all day, often getting distracted by them when he's meant to be doing something else. He also likes collecting feathers that are deemed worthy enough for his collection. This stems back to his kitten hood when he never got much attention from anyone he took up watching birds. Birds grew on him, the way they were free to roam the skies as they pleased, their flock mentality and their beautiful feathers which shimmer any colour they please fascinates him. True he'll still hunt them, he'll always say a little sorry when he does. His collection first started when he was just little and a beautiful golden eagle landed in a tree above him, although the bird didn't care for the little kitten as he represented more of a meal than anything else, the kitten was dumbfounded. Unfurling it's wings, the bird gifted him with one of it's feathers before taking off. Ever since, he loves collecting all the feathers he can, provided they are worthy enough and in good condition as his first feather was.

[ Relaxed ]

Having meet a lot of new cats and been around others in a Tribe, despite his ways of wandering around the neutral lands and outside of the camp, even at night, he's become less stuck in his ways of assuming every one is to be avoided. This new attitude doesn't relate to him relaxing his ways of putting up a defense to every cat he comes across, since this is a tribute to his entire life's way. Although he has become more relaxed in his attitude to others, he's still very guarded about protecting his personal opinions and anything about his past, not wanting to get any ones sympathy, jeers or general reaction to what he went through, wanting to forget about it himself.
Having been amongst his Tribe for such a long time now, he has grown use to being around others. He is still guarded about his past but he won't immediately put up walls of defense against another. This also affects his physical state, he's more comfortable being around others and isn't constantly on guard to protect himself, especially around Tribe mates.

[ Dedicated ]

Being in a Tribe has changed him to being more dedicated to others, more so than himself. Thanks to his past he's now got it in his mind he should put all the other cats before himself, especially since he's now one of their Tribe members. Believing that they should be feed before himself, guarded with his life if needed and generally placed above his own needs or wants. This can be attributed to his abandonment and the fact he was forever told he wasn't good enough for anything, or anyone to care about him. Though he didn't take a lot of it to heart, he does value others. This is amplified if the other is his Tribe mate, younger than him, female or especially if he even in the slightest considers them a friend, he'd gladly lay his life down to make sure they're safe and happy.
Seraphiel has become a lot more dedicated to his Tribe, having been its deputy and now leader. He will put himself on the line if it means protecting his Tribe mates. He'll do everything in his power to further Air Tribe and provide health, safety and happiness to all of his Tribe mates. Considering each as a sort of 'extended' family.

[ Open-Minded ]

Tribe life has allowed him to gain some better relations with other cats, somewhat understanding dynamics of conversation and others better. Since he was never really around other cats, being a small group or a large gathering he never got to learn social behaviour like this before. Thus, he's become a little more open-minded to what others say, to learn from what others are doing, socially. This trait isn't too prominent since he is still half by suspicious of others but it's slowly developing more as he goes.
Having learned a lot from his time amongst other cats he is starting to get feelings and emotions of others to the point he can understand. This has grown more prominent the longer he's around others and grows stronger bonds with others.

[ Withdrawn ]

Since losing his best friend and love, Seraphiel has become a little more withdrawn as he use to be. Though he tries to keep his more happy appearance that he developed over his time amongst the Tribes. He doesn't want to raise suspicions about his state of mind, so he tries to hide his emotions once more, keeping his true feelings a secret while giving out false information. When he is alone it's easier for him to break down and feel the heaviness of his heart. Even with those he trusts he will not try to give in to telling how horrible he feels. With his new rise to deputy it has helped to give him a reason to keep going, to hide his feelings and try to come to some sort of happiness. Being around his Tribe mates helps, even when he's just being quiet by himself, thinking of how much they mean to him.

[ Serious ]

Seraphiel is quite the serious tom, it isn't something he can control. Having grown from a young age to be closed off with his emotions so that nothing would come in to hurt him further. He isn't really aware of it himself, despite being told many times that he needs to lighten up a little. Despite trying to not be so serious about things, he isn't able to stop acting a little older than his years suggest. This has always been a trait for the tom and will never really leave him as it's ingrained into his very being. Even now when he's more in-tune with his emotions and how he thinks of things, it's still hard for him to put a cover on his emotions and appear serious. There is a few exceptions with cats he's most comfortable with, but even then he isn't the silliest or most emotional cat out there. He is able to show or tell of his true feelings to those he trusts. Being level-headed is something this tom will always be, even if his inner thoughts are in turmoil it will never outwardly show. He is also quite serious about most things, especially when it comes to the survival of his Tribe or those he loves.

Family Information

Mother: Kalila [ Car-lee-la ]| Black-Light | Unknown, unknown

Father: Diavart [ Dive-arrrt ] | Black-Water | Deceased

Damek [ Half-Brother ] | Green-Light | Alive, Light Tribe

Mate: Sooka | Pink-Water | Alive, Water Tribe

Ryner [ Adopted ] | Daughter | Deceased

First litter:

Anix [ Seraph ] | Son | Deceased

Linken [ Altair ] | Son | Gold-Air | Alive, Air Tribe

Chione [ Nascha ] | Daughter | Orange-Air | Alive, Air Tribe

Larka [ Dove ] | Daughter | Black-Water | Alive, Exile

Second litter:

Uriel [ Arrun ] | Son | Deceased

Dexter [ Koosa ] | Son | Orange-Earth | Alive, Earth Tribe

Quesnel [ Vita ] | Daughter | Black-Water | Alive, Exile

Ellie [ Zara ] | Daughter | Black-Air | Alive, Exile

Aniu [ Auri ] | Daughter | Orange-Shadow | Alive, Shadow Tribe

Third Litter:

Lohen [ Nix ] | Daughter | White-Orange-Water | Alive, Water Tribe

Fourth Litter:

Corvus | Son | White-Fire | Alive, Light Tribe

Cygnus | Son | White-Fire | Alive, Light Tribe

Aquila | Daughter | White-Air | Alive, Water Tribe

Extended family:


• Chione and Ashon's kitten || Shiranui [ Suki ] | White-Shadow | Alive, Shadow Tribe | Grand-daughter
• Chione and Ashon's kitten || Pyralis [ Andi ] | White-Fire | Alive, Fire Tribe | Grand-daughter

• Chione and Ashon's kitten || Krowe | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | Grandson
• Chione and Ashon's kitten || Myos | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | Grandson
• Chione and Ashon's kitten || Rudi | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | Grandson
• Chione and Ashon's kitten || Spire | Kitten | Alive, Air Tribe | Grandson


• Damek and Palette's kitten || Drake | Black-Shadow | Alive, Unknown | First litter
• Damek and Palette's kitten || Ryoji | Deceased | First litter

• Damek and Palette's kitten || Roran | Blue-Water | Alive, Water Tribe | Second litter

• Damek and Palette's kitten || Yaeger | White-Blue-Light | Alive, Light Tribe | Third litter
• Damek and Palette's kitten || Adanado | White-Blue-Void | Alive, Void Tribe | Third litter
• Damek and Palette's kitten || Moroi | White-Blue-Shadow | Alive, Shadow Tribe | Third litter
• Damek and Palette's kitten || T’ioli | White-Green-Earth | Alive, Earth Tribe | Third litter

• Damek and Palette's kitten || Kai | Kitten | Alive, Fire Tribe | Fourth litter


• Damek and Palette's kitten || Bernadette | Deceased | First litter

• Damek and Palette's kitten || Lusa | Blue-Light | Alive, Light Tribe | Second litter

• Damek and Palette's kitten || Octavia | White-Orange-Water | Alive, Water Tribe | Third litter
• Damek and Palette's kitten || Sohvi | White-Blue-Earth | Alive, Earth Tribe | Third litter

• Damek and Palette's kitten || Nuria | Kitten | Alive, Fire Tribe | Fourth litter
• Damek and Palette's kitten || Sarafine | Kitten | Alive, Fire Tribe | Fourth litter


Best friend(s): Zarya (Continues from Eden)

Status: Taken forever by Sooka

Sexual Orientation:Pansexual Sookasexual

Current Attraction(s): • His one and only love, Pink-Water Sooka

• Sooka

• Sooka

Heart Chart:

Seraphiel's Heart Chart


Detailed version of Seraphiel's history. Click here!

In short...
• His mother and father left the Tribes when they were young, becoming exiles.
• His mother and father meet later in life.
• Years of being together, they fall in love.
• Kalila becomes pregnant.
• Diavart "dies" in a rock fall.
• Kalila gets hurt tumbling down the rocks.
• Stays at the site of Diavart's "death", not eating/sleeping/taking care of herself.


In short...
• Kalila wanders, rarely eating.
• She may have gotten better, but she comes across a clearing to find Diavart alive with another she-cat.
• Diavart has lost his memory from the fall, which she doesn't know.
• Kalila goes on to believe Diavart betrayed her.
• Kalila slowly starts to go insane from despair.
• Diavart dies from internal wounds. Kalila finds his dead body.
• She gives birth; two still-born she-cats and one alive tom.
• Out of hatred she begins to feed herself and provide for the tom, naming him Curse.
• She begins to torture her son.
• After three to four months of torture she finally grows sick of Curse, she dumps him and leaves with the first cats she comes across.


In short...
• Due to his young age the cats decide to look after him.
• He goes from family to family, not really wanted.
• Unable to develop attachment, Curse grows distant with little feeling.
• Forgives his mother, she could have killed him but gave him to others for life.
• His name is changed to Ghost.
• Starts to collect feathers, growing bird envy.
• Growing old enough to survive on his own he leaves.
• Stays on his own, surviving with little contact with others.
• Hears stories of the Tribes in whispers.
• Ponders seeking them out for survival reasons.
• Decides to join for a test, he'd leave if it wasn't for him.



In short...
• Spends most of his time wandering in the Neutral lands.
• Sleeps outside the camp, unable to trust strangers while he sleeps.
• Continues his training for fighting and defense.
• Finds himself unable to leave as he slowly makes friends.
• Migrates to the new lands with the Tribe cats.



In short...
• Settles into Tribe life, spending time in camp and outside it.
• Meets Zarya, who becomes his friend.
• Meets Ryner before becoming her mentor.
• Meets Sooka, who brings him out of his shell.
• After months, finally declares his love for Sooka.
• Him and Sooka become mates.
• The caimans come.
• Sooka leaves the Tribe, unknown to him pregnant.
• Ryner and Zarya comfort him.
• Suffers some wounds, both physically and mentally.
• Becomes Air Tribe's deputy.
• Settles into being Yellow-Air.
• During all this time, he meets and befriends other cats.
• Sooka returns to the Tribes with some of 'their' kittens.
• Seraphiel denies he's the father, relenting soon after that he is indeed their father.
• Puts effort into getting to know his children.
• Tests Sooka, still loving her, to see if she'll stick around.
• Continues to put effort into being a great deputy.
• Continues his friendships with Zarya and Ryner.


In short...
• Seraphiel and Sooka enjoy their time together rebuilding their relationship.
• Strengthens his bonds with Ryner and Zarya.
• Him and Sooka decide to have a second litter.
• Sooka moves to Air Tribe while the kittens grow.
• Loves his kittens, spending all his spare time with them.
• When they are three months old at a gathering 6 cats with Golden Butterfly tattoos take kittens hostage.
• In exchange for the kittens life, he gives himself as a hostage.
• Him and 5 other cats are taken as prisoners.
• They are tortured and held for months.
• At the next gathering Alriyel turns up and takes his powers back from the 6 Golden Butterflies.
• He releases the captives.
• Seraphiel heads to Light Tribe but is told that Air Tribe has split, with Tara following Alriyel with Shadow Tribe.
• His kittens also went to their respective Tribes the gathering he was freed.
• Takes the Air Tribers who don't want to follow Alriyel to Fisher's Outlook while he initially heals.
• Kills Naya'il to save Kintsu and Zarya.
• Says goodbye to Zarya as she gives her life to revive Kintsu.
• Continues to mourn her loss.
• After he's healed some, he moves them up to Pheasant Woods to stay until they can return home.
• Re-connects with his kittens.
• Connects with Tribe mates and other cats.
• Sooka has stayed with him, having been allowed to stay while he heals.
• His eldest son, Anix dies.
• Zarya tells him of his sons death. He continues to mourn for both of them.
• At the next gathering Alriyel challenges the Spirits, wanting to join their ranks.
• The Spirits take the Silver-Airs tattoo and leadership. She declines Alriyel's request to return it, stepping down.
• Seraphiel becomes the Silver-Air.
• The Spirits announce Alriyel is an imposter, he's really just a Spirit from a far away land. After rejecting him, they begin to battle.
• Seraphiel takes Air Tribe back to Pheasant Woods to retrieve the Tribe mates still there.
• They all return to Air Tribe territory together.


In short...
• Soulbonds with Linken.
• Names Linken as his deputy.
• After a confrontation and mixing with the Air Spirit, he and the Spirits die.
• Enjoys time looking over AT.
• Has his daughter, Nix.
• The Spirits are reborn, along with a 7th Spirit.
• Names his council on par with the new system.
• Enjoys more time of peace as leader.
• A meteorite comes down, bringing the Star Stones.
• After a mix up in Eden, souls are sent down to earth.
• Meets up with Anix and Zarya.
• Has his sons, Corvus and Cygnus as well as his daughter, Aquila.
• Happily keeps watch over both his kittens and his Tribe.

More to be added later as it happens...


Fun facts
• Seraph has a habit of crossing over his front legs when he's laying down.

• Seraphiel is a very large cat, averaging around 16" [inches] from paw to shoulder, while being quite stocky thanks to his breeding. He is fully grown.

Seraphiel had never had a real relationship in his life, from friends to love. He's never even had a true friend, before he joined the Tribes. Thanks to this he has a hard time with 'emotions' or 'feelings'. He wouldn't know what love or even a romantic attractions was, along with finding it difficult to judge someone's feelings by emotions alone. Along came Sooka, Zarya and Ryner.

Despite his complete lack of emotional knowledge, if he was to ever realize feelings for in particular a she-cat, he is the type to be an only one for me type of cat. This would take form of a 'true love' type of deal, he would find it very hard to either give this cat up or deal with their death. Probably never finding another 'partner' afterwards. Her name is Sooka.

He quite enjoys jewellery, although he has never actually gotten anything for himself before. Thanks to this he doesn't have any, except what has been given to him. He has been given many things.

One of his biggest fantasies is to have wings. To be able to have the freedom to travel anywhere at any time as he pleases, this is somewhat a starter for why he watches birds, out of envy. Thanks to his secondary skills, this is no longer a dream. It is now very rare that Seraphiel uses his legs cause wings. WINGS. ACTUAL WINGS. OMFG IT IS HIS DREAM COME TRUE. SCREW WALKING.

• He has a weird sense of loyalty, always catching prey for cats within his Tribe before he will feed himself. Despite the fact most of them are mere strangers to him, this thought of responsibility is probably due to being abandoned.

• Seraphiel never liked either of his kit names. It would take a great deal of trust for him to tell anyone about his original kitten name, Curse. Usually he will use his second, though he doesn't really like what it stands for when he was given it, though this isn't known to others so he just goes with it. He is very fond of his true name, Seraphiel.

Favourite place: Pheasant Woods
Scent: An odd mix of airy grass and a deep bark that can't be distinguished as belonging to any specific species of tree.
Colours: Brown, white and the bright colours found on birds.
Ask blog:

Roleplay Example

Click here for the RP sample

For :iconthe-golden-butterfly:

Seraphiel/Art © AngelShadowRena / Me
Two feathered earring and back leg bracelet art © Liv-vee
Side view art
© YollerZ
Tattoo inactive art
© quaill

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